June 14, 2022

Don’t Reject Your Candidates, Refer Them

When we close a job opening, we’re usually left with two things; a new hire we can’t wait to meet, and the harrowing task of rejecting other candidates. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t feel good, yet the latter remains a painstaking but necessary process in today’s recruitment.

Nabih Haidar

What if we did things differently?

By differently, we mean referring our candidates instead of rejecting them. A simple yet subtle nuance can quickly redefine how we understand recruitment, and change how our candidates experience their journeys with our organizations.

So, why reject when you can refer?

There are many benefits when you refer your candidates; be it through a distinguished employer brand, facilitated talent engagement and retention, and being a positive leader in your industry. Referring candidates helps take your employer brand to the next level so you can gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead.

You’ll also be playing an active role in fixing the candidate experience. Instead of being met with rejection and silence, candidates would be met with opportunities and care. A journey which once led into the candidate void quickly becomes one of professional aspirations and ambitions, with your organization at the heart of it.

One concern behind referring candidates is the fear of losing them. However it should be stated that nurturing your candidates will bring them closer to you, it’s the essence of peer-to-peer recruitment. When you refer candidates to opportunities, your candidates will thank you. Opportunity sharing allows us to develop nurturing relationships with our top talent, all the while being a true resource for their careers.

Refer with Vela

After meeting a certain candidate and realizing that you could not hire them, you decide to refer them instead of rejecting them. What happens next? You can connect them with compatible opportunities within your network, or you can invite them to Vela, and we’ll streamline the process for you.

Vela’s peer-to-peer recruitment platform simplifies, automates and monetizes your referrals, so you can be a positive resource and get rewarded for it. When you refer a candidate through Vela, you’ll receive a commission for each candidate you helped get hired. What used to be a costly and time-consuming process is now a seamless and profitable opportunity for your organization.

Vela also allows you to tap into the recruitment funnels of industry-leading organizations, so that you can find the right teammate faster, and hire them at a considerably lower price. By connecting interview finalists with compatible opportunities, Vela hopes to make recruitment profitable and fix the candidate experience, one referred candidate at a time.

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