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Vetted Finalists, Directly Inbox

Receive introductions to peer-vetted interview-finalists straight to your inbox; curated to your desired skills, experience, culture fit, and more.

Final Stage Candidate Introduction Card
Candidate Recommendation Email Template with Referral Program Link

Don’t Reject,

Create a positive candidate experience by recommending, instead of rejecting, your final stage candidates to great opportunities simply by adding a link to your Vela referral program.

Collaborate With Your Peers

Decide which peers can meet and connect with your final stage candidates through advanced audience control settings.

Candidate Sharing Privacy Settings
Rewards and Earnings on Vela

Build Your Budget

Earn hiring credits for each final stage candidate that joins your private Referral Program, and claim your earnings when they get hired by your peers.

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How do I invite talent to Vela?

Once your account is approved, simply send your final stage candidates the invitation link to your private referral program for top applicants for them to join.

Who gets to see my recommended talent?

Recommended final stage candidates are privately matched to all available opportunities that fit their profile. You can also choose your audience settings to select the organizations that can or cannot connect with your finalists.

Is this PII compliant?

Yes. All candidates must sign up to the referral program and agree to the terms and conditions. Candidate information remains private until a candidate gives explicit consent to sharing their profile with a potential employer by applying to a job.

What kind of talent is on Vela?

Vela Referral Programs are presently exclusive to final stage candidates, and furloughed employees due to company restructuring to ensure the highest level of quality.