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10 Chapters + Bonus Section on Profitable Recruitment

A step-by-step walkthrough of the talent acquisition professional’s journey, starting the moment they join the organization and continuing far after campaigns are complete.

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What’s included?

A Glimpse into the Talent Acquisition Handbook

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An Introduction to Recruitment Marketing

From persona building to sourcing channel efficacy, marketing tactics have become a prominent part of talent acquisition strategies.

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Tips on Fostering Internal Relationships

How does a relationship between a talent acquisition professional and their hiring manager influence a recruitment campaign?

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A Reinvented Candidate Experience

Best practices for candidate nurturing, avoiding candidate ghosting, and how to turn rejected talent into brand ambassadors.

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About the eBook

A Hollistic Approach to the Talent Acqusition Journey

A collection of resources to help you perfect your craft, grow your sourcing skills, engage your talent communities, and promote recruitment best practices.

Nabih Haidar
About the author

Nabih Haidar

Nabih is a content writer at Vela with a love of words, puns, and baguette. A poet by heart and a writer by trade, Nabih hopes to use his talent to help others find a home for theirs.

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