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Vela is the easiest way for Talent Acquisition Managers to streamline their team’s work - and get results.
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Hit KPIs

Vela helps you improve on the metrics & KPIs that matter to you.
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Hire Faster

Increase the speed and productivity of your recruitment team.
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Increase Budget

Optimize your department’s budget thanks to Vela’s revenue-sharing model.
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Equip your Teams

Activate your teams’ potential and leverage collective professional networks.
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Hit Key Metrics 
& KPIs

Streamline your recruitment efforts and improve the metrics that matter to you such as cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, employee-retention, interview-to-hire, and more.


Get qualified leads by connecting with interview-ready finalists recommended by your peers in talent acquisition for opportunities similar to yours.
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Earn hiring credits for recommending your unretained final stage candidates to Vela, and receive commissions when they get hired by your peers.
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Activate your Team’s Full Potential

Leverage your team’s professional networks and connect with peer-vetted top finalists thanks to the power of collaborative talent sourcing.

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Enterprise Key Recruitment

Vela offers turn-key enterprise solutions for large-scale organizations looking to centralize their inter-company hiring efforts.
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With Vela, we’re earning money every month that we can reinvest in our recruitment marketing and other initiatives.

Mark Vespirini Co-Founder @ Shiift Agency

Finding the right element for our team was an easy process

Fred Jacquet, Co-Founder @Chronogolf by lightSpeed

Despite the fact that we like to keep the recipes for our successes a secret, I highly recommend Vela’s services because the larger the community the better the chances of recruitment for all.

Marcel Hetu, Co-Founder @Stick2 Labels